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Our clinicians are experienced in helping clients with diverse needs.

Anxiety and Depression

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Trauma Recovery

Panic Attacks

Couples Counseling

Child and Family Counseling

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Life Transitions

Personal Development

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Learn more about some of our clinician specialties below.


Art of Relationships

Deciding to share your life with someone can be both exciting and scary. Most couples experience conflict at some stage of their relationship, whether it’s while you are dating, after years of being together, or after a significant change like moving, having children or a change in career.  The truth is that you are stronger together and it is not as hard as you may think to achieve the necessary balance in your relationship.  


Dynamics for Healthy Families

To work together towards common goals requires us to understand each other.  

A family works the same way, every member must feel included, understood and valued. 

We offer services focused on:

 → Healthy Family Dynamics

 → Children and Adolescents


Connection and Support in Addiction

Addiction can be overwhelming and make you feel alone. Rediscover your life with support and connection. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety but connection. Let us partner with you in reconnecting with the things you love and value in life. 

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Personal Development

So many emotional difficulties can be improved when you focus on good self-care and wellness.  

Every great journey starts with a single step.  Take it.

We offer services focused on:

→ Meeting Your Health Goals

→ Surviving vs. Thriving



Recovery from Trauma

Finding guidance in your recovery from trauma can help make the difference in the quality of future well-being. Trauma recovery is possible. Helping people demystify trauma and understand it on a practical level is such a privilege for our clinicians, as that opens the door to healing in ways many never thought possible. 


Creativity Counseling

Sometimes the best way to express what you are feeling is through creation. If you struggle with putting into words how you feel or have experienced trauma, we can show you ways to communicate your feelings through creative expression.


Life Transitions

We can't plan for everything that happens to us, but we have control over how we respond to it.  Whether it is a transition in your career, relationship, identity or your place in the world, discussing how you are affected and navigating for your future can help.  Change happens all the time in life.  You can find happiness by embracing change and learning ways to grow.


Our Team

We are a diverse team of clinicians who work collaboratively to give our clients the best possible support and outcomes in their health journeys.  Get to know who we are, what we specialize in and how to contact us.