We all strive to meet our health goals.

Whether you are working on achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, managing a chronic illness, or trying to implement healthy habits into your lifestyle, I can help. Balancing wellness with all of life's other commitments is always a challenge but one you can meet.

I know from experience how difficult self-care and balance can be.  Learning what prevents you from developing and keeping healthy habits is the first step towards physical and mental wellness.  I partner with you to develop the right plan to work towards your goals so you know you are not alone in this journey.

So many emotional difficulties can be improved when you focus on good self-care and wellness.  Every great journey starts with a single step.  Take it.



Who to contact:

Kellie Collins


Self-worth and your life.  Surviving versus thriving.

If you think about 5 people you love in your life, are you on that list?  Many of us struggle to direct the same depth of compassion we feel towards others towards ourselves as well. Growing up we are taught the importance of being kind to others, but we are rarely taught the importance of being kind to ourselves. 

We have personal and professional experience working with individuals in their development of self-compassion.  We identify and develop methods of self-care, and work to remove barriers that have been preventing you from thriving. 

Compassion is not pity, Self-love is not selfish. 


Who to contact:

Trisha Nozumi