Study: Children with Anxiety Benefit When Parents Get Therapy Too

When it comes to treating children with anxiety, teaching parents ways to respond to their child’s anxiety has been found to be beneficial to treating their anxiety, according to a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Many children who work with our therapists report feelings of anxiety. It is a common emotion for most people and can provoke feelings of fear and stress that are unfamiliar for children. When anxiety intensifies it can result in children acting angry, irritable, manifesting in physical symptoms like headaches and trouble sleeping, or issues at school or at home.

Our therapists work with kids to help them process their emotions and use varying techniques to help them cope with that they are feeling. However, not every child responds to therapy alone. Dr. Eli Lebowitz, one of the researchers of the study says, “there are currently two evidence-based treatments for anxiety—medication and cognitive behavioral therapy, yet only half the children respond to these therapies, so there is a great need for alternate treatments.”

The alternative treatment that was explored in this study involved parents working with counselors to learn ways to support their children’s feelings of anxiety. As the study suggests, parents involved in their child’s treatment can help lessen their child’s anxiety. We have found similar techniques to be effective with the parents we work with every day. Holistic approaches like the one discussed in the study and used at our clinic have been found to be effective to help children overcome their anxiety.

For more information on childhood anxiety and how you can learn to support your child, contact Kellie Collins.

Senua Counseling Team