When Panic Attacks

Read the spotlight article from Counseling Today on panic attacks, featuring an interview with our own Clinic Director, Kellie Collins.

What you will learn:

 → What are panic attacks

 → Panic attack triggers

 → Coping skills

Here is an excerpt from Kellie’s interview.

“I thought I was dying. That’s what it felt like,” Collins says. “It was the worst experience of my life up to that point. It felt like it lasted forever, even though it was just a few minutes. Afterward, I was left with a feeling that I had no control.”

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“Hearing that I didn’t cause this and that it wasn’t my fault set me on the path to get better. It made all the difference,” says Collins, a member of the American Counseling Association. “The biggest thing [counselors can do] is to validate the client’s experience. What they experience is real and not under their control in that moment — and it’s terrifying.”

Read the rest of the article here.

For more information on panic attacks and how you can learn to overcome them, contact Kellie Collins.