Seeing your child struggle and not knowing how to help them is one of the most challenging and painful experiences for a parent.

Children and teens face such a different set of obstacles now, and helping them to navigate them effectively can feel nearly impossible.  You may feel you are in conflict with your child and that communication may be difficult to achieve.  We believe that both you and your child are doing your best. We would love to help support your family in figuring out what is getting in the way and giving you tools and resources to thrive. 

Beth Wiseman, one of our licensed clinicians, has training focused on helping children (ages 7-18) navigate everything from severe trauma to bullying , depression and anxiety. She is passionate about helping children and families. She use the same forms of therapy with children as with adults, with the addition of Collaborative Problem Solving, to help the whole family better connection and understand one another.  Collaborative Problem Solving focuses on the belief that children do well if they can, not if they want to.

Trisha Nozumi, our LPC intern, has years of experience working with children and teens, working extensively within the areas of family conflict, youth behavioral concerns, and adoptive families and attachment building.  She focuses on behavior expectation support to help you and your child achieve the expectations you have for them, while also strengthening your relationship.


The biggest risk to the health and well-being of a family is a lack of communication and understanding.  

To work together towards common goals requires us to understand each other.  A family works the same way, every member must feel included, understood and valued.

Our focus when working with families is to look at the health of the whole family as well as each individual member.  We work with families from all kinds of backgrounds.  We understand that 'family' means something different to everyone and we welcome you and your family.

Being part of a healthy family reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.  A rising tide lifts all boats and I work to make every member of a family as strong and self-assured as possible.  When we believe in and care for each other anything is possible. 


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