My Story

Trisha Nozumi

MS, QMHP, LPC Intern

I have been very fortunate in experiencing opportunities both in professional and academic settings within the field of mental health. I attended graduate school in the United Kingdom and received a Masters of Science in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. Since returning to the US, I have practiced counseling as a QMHP within the state of Oregon, and as an LPC Intern. 

As a therapist and clinician, I am dedicated to providing my clients with a treatment approach grounded in empathy, compassion, and person-centered counseling. I utilize a variety of methods, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), trauma-informed care such as Trauma-Focused CBT, Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), and Attachment Theory to provide an approach that will fit individual client needs. 

It is my belief that therapeutic treatment is not 'one size fits all.' As a counselor and clinician, I am committed to working with clients to find the therapeutic methods that will best fit your needs. There are tools and resources available, and you are not in this alone.


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Phone: 503-332-9073